Ep. 25 Eating Beans for Health: All About the Bean Protocol with Unique Hammond

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Unique Hammond is a certified holistic nutritionist, a bean protocol coach, and an author. In her book, “Your Tastebuds Are A**holes: How I Trained Mine & Healed Crohn’s” Unique shares her journey from a ninety-pound patient to advocate for her own holistic health. With irreverent wit and hard-won wisdom, she also walks you through basic changes you can make to improve your own wellness, combat chronic issues, and ensure your best life for years to come. With tips ranging from diet and exercise to finding a support team, Unique shows that wherever you are in your journey to wellness, you’re great-and you can only get better from here. Unique has helped clients from all over the world take charge of their own health through food.


Unique came on the show today to discuss her life growing up in a holistically oriented family, how Crohn’s disease devastated her body and life, her own healing journey, why beans are so powerful and help us truly detox like no other food out there, what is the bean protocol and who is it for, and how to adapt the bean protocol into our everyday lives. Tune in now to hear Unique’s story. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Unique’s childhood and home, growing up in a holistically oriented and natural household
  • Unique’s life-changing and nearly fatal illness
  • How she searched for answers in both Easter and Western medicine but was unable to heal herself
  • How the bean protocol found her
  • Unique’s work with Karen Hurd, the creator of the bean protocol
  • How the bean protocol helped her heal and go into a remission
  • The health benefits of eating beans
  • Why beans are such a powerful healing tool
  • What is soluble fiber, and why do we need it in our bodies?
  • Why are beans the best detox food out there
  • What is the bean protocol, and how can you adapt it to your everyday life.
  • Eating for calm- the theme of Unique’s practice
  • Bean protocol success stories
  • The importance of getting curious about what we eat
  • How eating for health and longevity can affect your mind, body, and soul.
  • The accessibility of beans to everyone, how beans make healthy eating affordable

Download The Bean Protocol Summary Here:

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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Website: https://www.youregreat.com

Bean Protocol: https://www.youregreat.com/beanprotocol

Unique’s Book: 

Your Tastebuds Are A**holes: How I Trained Mine & Healed Crohn’s  


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