Life as an entrepreneur and corporate leader is already hard. Add to it, doing business in a language you don't feel confident in... That can get in your way of building your dream business or going after that perfect job!
I can help you with that.

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I remember it vividly. My dad took us to the pool at this beautiful hotel in Bialystok, Poland (my birthplace). After a few days, I started to notice some skin irritation. Little did I know, that was the beginning of a very long health journey. 

I started to feel subconscious and hide under layers of clothing. For years to come. 

If it wasn't feeling bad about my psoriasis, it was be stressing about my weight. I was never overweight growing up, but I struggled with my negative self-image for years. 

I tried every "healthy" diet on the planet to try to be and look healthy. From veganism to Medical Medium, I tried it. 

When all of it failed, I realized it's not about being on a strict diet. It's about finding out what your body needs. There is no "one answer fits all", but there are general healthy practices which benefit everyone. 

When I was 8 years old, I got Psoriasis. 

To be honest, it’s taken me years to realize what healthy living meant.

Despite learning to speak English fluently in 6 months and losing my accent in about a year, I was petrified of public speaking. I felt as though something was stuck in my throat whenever I attempted to speak up. 

But wanna know how I got my voice back? 

By starting my own podcast and sharing the stories of others (yes, you read that right). 

I expressed myself by interviewing my incredible guests — slowly growing in confidence to speak to anyone behind that mic. 

Drumroll please! Now it's time for my 

Official Bio

Lena Livinsky is a conscious accent coach and speech-language pathologist who has been committed to helping multilingual entrepreneurs speak, coach and sell in English with confidence, by invoking the power of their own voice for over 7 years. 

She helps purpose-driven coaches and course creators gain back their confidence and speak their message clearly in a way that authentically connects with the people they most want to serve. 

She collaborates with clients who want to build something extraordinary — something that has the power to transform the lives of every person they work with. Because when they’re confident about communicating and owning their true voice, the world will see that too. 


Before I started my podcast the Accented World, I did some internal digging and worked unusual jobs to get there (waitressing at TGI Fridays, teaching English in Spain, becoming a resident assistant, running an accent modification clinic, etc.). 

Each job challenged me differently and forced me to come out of my comfort zone.  

After some time, It became very clear to me that everything in my life had *always* been leading and training me towards helping multilingual speakers express themselves and share their unique message with the world. 

for the dreamers…


I know better than anyone that crystallizing your voice so the world can really hear what you have to say and doing that in a foreign language is no walk in the park. 

But we’re doing ourselves a disservice if we aren’t sharing our gifts with people who need it and aren’t fully showing up as our authentic selves in our life and business. 

—Your clients have a difficult time understanding you or connecting on a deeper level
—You want to be free to fully express yourself in English 
—You are being judged when speaking in English (for example, you might be interrupted or dismissed no matter how deep or valuable your message is)
—You’re often misunderstood and asked to repeat yourself 
—You don’t think you can be successful because of all the words that you mispronounce or don’t know how to say properly 
You're nervous when speaking in public or on video but you know you need to do it to thrive in your business 

Now, I support conscious entrepreneurs and leaders like YOU

So if you’re a coach, digital course creator or a professional who’s ever felt like: 

polsky b.

Lena was highly committed to engaging us. I found her openness to "learning alongside the students" to be refreshing and encouraging.

In a Nutshell

Let’s Get to know each other

My sun and moon are both in Scorpio, and my ascendant sign is in Leo (in case you love astrology as much as I do!). I’ve visited 33 countries and counting, even flying over 24 hours to New Zealand. But I’m still the person holding on to the plane for dear life even for minor turbulence. 

currently sustained by 

dark chocolate + tea

dream vacation 

south africa 

on my nighstand 

how I built this
by guy raz

never say no to

reorganizing, buying new office supplies, fuzzy socks

on repeat 

anything by sara Bareilles

number one fan

fc Barcelona

personal blog posts 


favorite sitcoms

The office and schitt's creek

favorite childhood books

harry potter series and
anne of green gables

favorite animals

penguins! and my dog luna

happy place

madrid, spain


yes, I need that!

Struggling to sound authentic? Don't worry, not for much longer!

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A Mini Guide for Speaking English with Clarity and Confidence

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Download one of my powerful guides to help you speak with confidence, get inspired, make small talk with your clients and amplify your message. 

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New Around Here?

Ania r.

Lena's course helped me understand the correct pronunciation and motivated me to practice working on my accent. I feel much more comfortable speaking English now. Lena is a wonderful teacher with a great passion, and I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning to speak with more confidence.

I feel much more comfortable speaking English now!

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aneta s.

The professional way in which Lena conducts this course, the amount of reliable information and how much support, attention and warmth she gives are touching. 

I feel genuine gratitude for Lena showing me how to break my habits

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