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New Around Here?

Well more precisely, when I moved from Poland to New York I suddenly lost my ability to speak. When I tried to open my mouth… most people just ignored me because of my strong accent and poor grammar. 

Gone were the days of me being cheerful, hanging out with my friends and talking about cute boys in my small town, Lapy. 

I felt lost in the concrete jungle (the only thing keeping me going was my over used copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which I was reading for the 19th time) missing my friends, family and most of all my dog Fafik, who we left back home with my grandparents. 

Strangers used to say “can you repeat that?” because I was essentially whispering my name (Lena is short for Paulina by the way!). 

When I was 15 years old, I lost my voice. 

To be honest, it’s taken me years to own my voice with purpose and power.

Are you ready to finally be confident running your business in English?

Before I started my podcast the Accented World, I did some internal digging and worked unusual jobs to get there. 

After some time, It became very clear to me that everything in my life had *always* been leading me and training me towards helping others express themselves and share their unique message with the world. 

Saras f.

Lena gave me confidence to speak and connect with others from an authentic place without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed.

Putting together all you've learned, your new speaking skills, the right mindset and the right support, you'll be ready to sell like a boss! Starting a new business or running a successful business is not easy. It can feel lonely and scary. This is why having the right support with your English, will help you be your own boss!

How to Sell Like a Boss

A positive mindset  is often  missing in most multilingual entrepreneurs. They set unrealistic expectations when it comes to speaking English, resulting in disappointment and frustration. Remember it's not about speaking perfectly, it's about being the best communicator you can possibly be!

How to Coach with Confidence

Speaking in a foreign language is not easy. It requires extra concentration and brainpower to speak in a way that's clear and easily understood, especially when speaking with an accent. Learn the 5 pillars of accent modification to know exactly what you need to do to polish your speech and transform your message. 

How to Speak with Clarity

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What You'll Learn

Aneta s.

After years of learning English, I did not expect to hear such surprising details about the pronunciation itself. I gained a lot of knowledge that no one has ever paid attention to during my English classes at school, in private lessons

You will be surprised how easy English gets with Lena!

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dolores g.

Lena always keeps it real. My favorite part was that she had the same struggles that I did, and not only got over those struggles but made it her mission to help other people overcome the same difficulties.

If you want to speak confidently you should always call Lena.

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Need help practicing your conversation skills with like minded multilingual entrepreneurs? This option will be perfect for you. It's the best of both worlds, getting coaching from Lena and practicing your skills in a more laid back setting with other non-native speakers with similar goals. 



If you're short on time, launching a course, hosting a workshop or scaling your business in anyway and want a quick English makeover, this option is for you. Apply below to work with Lena for a shorter and much more intensive coaching experience. 

Intensive Deadline Coaching


The most intimate of coaching experiences, and slow paced. If you need me to walk you through step-by-step how to speak English with more clarity, help you get more confident and finally break your negative mindset cycle, apply at the button below!

One-on-One Coaching 

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A chart-topping business podcast, dishing the BEST tips on how to communicate with more confidence and can’t-stop-listening interviews with the most inspiring and powerful entrepreneurs and bosses from around the world. 

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Improving your accent doesn't have to take forever. Don't feel defeated when people ask you to repeat yourself or they misunderstand you. Learn how speak with more clarity today!

How to Speak English with Clarity and Confidence?

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