Ep. 26 How to Persevere and Thrive in the Restaurant Business with Chef Alexia

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Today’s guest will light a fire under you as she did to me because she’s such an inspiring and empowering woman. Chef Alexia Apostolidi is an award-winning chef, restauranteur, cookbook author, tv host, and online cooking school owner, who continues to thrive despite many failures. She knew she was passionate about cooking since she was a child, and continued to pursue her dreams no matter how impossible it may have seemed in the past. Chef Alexia has run successful restaurants in Greece and the US has worked in Michelin Star restaurants and was even the District Training Manager in Burger King. Chef Alexia is very quick to think on her feet and evolves with the economy and changing times. In the face of the pandemic, she again found herself pivoting and launched her e-book with low carb, sugar-free, grain-free, and gluten-free recipes, online cooking school, and focused on her online cooking show.


In today’s episode, Alexia shares how she discovered her passion for cooking, her many failures, and obstacles that turned out to be the best lessons in her life, how she held every position in the restaurant business in order to prepare herself to run her own business, her turbulent immigration story, her experiences as a contestant on Top Chef in Greece and why she started her online cooking school for busy individuals. Tune in now to hear her story.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Why Chef Alexia moved to the US
  • Her passion for cooking
  • Where she learned how to cook
  • Her visa and immigration struggles
  • Being a Top Chef contestant in Greece
  • The importance of knowing every position in a business
  • A lesson she learned while owning successful restaurants in Greece
  • Her career in Burger King, and why she strategically got that job
  • Hosting her Youtube channel: Chef Alexia TV
  • Her online cooking school: One Week Chef
  • 3 pieces of advice for wannabe chefs
  • What she learned working in and owning restaurants

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