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the confidence you need to take charge of your 

-Speak English without the fear of being judged

-Scale your business in English 

- Learn a proven framework to help you speak English with confidence ASAP

- FInally be able to express yourself in English without frustration 

Whether you want to: 

- Saras Feijoo

I loved Lena's approach because she took the time to teach us the position of the tongue for every sound. This course gave me the confidence to speak and connect with others from an authentic place without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed.”

This course is a game-changer, that's for sure!

the reviews

Learn the real-life ABCs of American business culture, including the importance of body language and how to make small talk that isn’t awkward,

Skip the frustration of watching hours of YouTube to try to improve your pronunciation,

Scale up your business with the skills you need to take your networking to the next level,

Start your business without fear of your language skills holding you back, 

If you want to:

Here Are 8 Reasons Speak English Like a Boss Is Perfect for YOU 

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Carve a unique and confident space for yourself as a multilingual entrepreneur,

Get the confidence you need to deliver a successful elevator pitch or perfect your public speaking skills,

Talk about your mission, values, and brand story with certainty, and finally,

Never say, “But I’ll never be able to compete with native English speakers” or, “I’ll never be the next Amy Porterfield or Marie Forleo, so why bother?” ever again...

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Think about it: How many doors could you open if you could break down your fear of speaking and communicate with confidence, every single time?

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Improving your accent doesn't have to take forever. Don't feel defeated when people ask you to repeat yourself or they misunderstand you. Learn how speak with more clarity today!

How to Speak English with Clarity and Confidence?

a guide for multilingual entrepreneurs