The Fear of Being Judged

The Fear of Being Judged

Oh hey there! I hope you can forgive my absence from the page in the past few months. I am back and well, with a new and improved look. I’m so glad you are here. I wanted to share a part of the reason why I’ve stopped posting. 

I was so excited. I worked hard to design a basic website. I have absolutely no background in coding so it’s been a tedious journey for me. After a few weeks, at last, I figured it out! I made my first blog post, all about the dirty 30s, and the false fears behind turning that magical number. Spoiler alert, being in my 30s, has been my favorite decade so far! After that I shared a few more posts, let my Instagram followers know to sign up for my e-mail, and then I completely dropped the ball.

Ah, the good old fear of being judged by the people you know or even strangers who pass you by. That fear was so prominent in my head, that it made me put my dreams on hold. It still creeps into my mind every time I try and put myself out there. 
Will they like my outfit? Do I look funny? Will they negatively comment on what I have to say? These fears used to ring loud in my head before I started to accept myself for who I was. 

Although these voices are no longer prominent in my head, I still get very nervous when I put myself out there and share my blog content on social media with the people I know. Why do I care what does that co-worker that I used to work with 5 years ago and no longer speak to thinks? Or what do I care about not getting likes from people I no longer think about and who are not a part of my life?

Well, those fears are real. They were part of the reason why it took me so long to share my content online and truly come out of my shell. But despite not feeling 100 % comfortable with it, I decided to follow my dreams. I will no longer let the opinions and judgments of others hold me back. I will be sharing content and ideas on social media every time I create something worth sharing. After all, what’s more important? The fear of getting an eye roll from a person whose values do not align with mine? Or putting out material that might help another person improve their lives? 

I’ve made my decision. I am sharing! Please send all your eye rolls this way. From now on, I’ll be using them as fuel. 

I hope that you do the same thing. Don’t let the fear of being judged hold you back. There is only one you in this world and people need your special gifts. 


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