Ep. 23 Helping Expat Women Thrive in Life, Career and Business

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Do you remember the day when you moved to a new place? How about moved to a new country? I bet it wasn’t easy to settle down, figure out the new culture, make new friends, or find a job. That happens to a lot of immigrants moving abroad, especially women. It can be a very lonely journey, leaving behind the place you used to call home. Most immigrants have to restart their lives when they do. It’s very hard, especially if they don’t speak the language. My guest today, Nyna Caputi, also had a difficult time finding her community when she first moved to the US from India. It was so hard for her in fact, that she started her business The Expat Woman, hoping to create a community. She ended up creating a social enterprise that helps to inspire, connect, and empower immigrant and native-born women across the globe through online and offline events, networking opportunities, and valuable resources and content. With over 12,000 members, they have hosted over 250 workshops, conferences, hackathons, webinars, career fairs, and networking events. On top of that, Nyna is a filmmaker, blogger, advocate, and speaker on gender violence, startups, leadership, cross-cultural skills, diversity, and expat life. She is also the winner of the ‘Global Influencer 2019’ award from Women Empowerment Awards North America.


In today’s episode, Nyna shares about her struggles finding a community when she moved to the United States, what inspired her to find The Expat Woman, how she scaled her business to make 6 figures, her advice for new entrepreneurs, and her 3 “P” mantra. Tune in now to hear her empowering story.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Nyna’s student life in New York?
  • Living in San Francisco Bay Area and struggling to find a community
  • Inspiration for helping immigrant women
  • The Expat Woman, her? 6-figure business?
  • Her story of how she wasn’t hired for a front of the house job due to her accent
  • Her mantra: the 3 “Ps”
  • Focusing on one’s health
  • How her first event turned out to be a failure
  • “Tara’s Lookout”

All the Goodies From This Episode:

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