Ep.2 Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Protesting Injustice and Changing the System with Keziah Narain

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Keziah Narain is a Queens native with roots in the Caribbean.  Her mother raised her with the social-political consciousness to speak out against injustice and at the same time be loving, kind, and giving to those around her.

Keziah decided to leave her business career in customs brokerage to pursue a career in educating minds for a more just and equitable future.  As a special education teacher, her goal is to ensure that all of her students receive a “special education” and are able to dream without limits, and gain the knowledge and skills to challenge the “status quo”.

Keziah personifies the definition of being a renaissance woman. She is an educator, writer, and a creative, who is committed to improving her community through grassroots movements. Her voice is one that speaks truth to power as she designs opportunities for her students to see themselves as change agents.

Right now, Keziah uses her sphere of influence to change the narrative about what it means to be a black woman in America and hopes that her voice will impact change for the generations to come.


In today’s episode, Keziah describes the challenges of being a teacher in NYC, why the #blacklivesmatter movement is so controversial, the dangers of being black in the USA, and the power of being united. I am beyond excited that she joined us to record this special and powerful episode of the Accented World podcast.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why Keziah’s parents moved to the US. 
  • Immigrating to US back in the day, vs now. 
  • Growing up in a diverse country
  • Polsky, representing and inspiring immigrants all over of the world 
  • The immigrant stereotype 
  • Life growing up in NYC
  • The diversity of Queens, NY
  • The perks of no-one speaking your language 
  • The challenges of being a teacher in NYC
  • The struggles of identifying with black students of today’s generation as a black teacher
  • Why the system fails black and brown students from low income families
  • Why the system fails students with disabilities
  • The drawbacks of distance learning on the underserved children 
  • Why parents are the best advocates for children with disabilities
  • Why the educational system in America is broken
  • Keziah’s feelings and thoughts about the murder of George Floyd
  • Why is #blacklivesmatter so controversial?
  • The problem with the police 
  • The responsibility of the lawmakers
  • What word is America afraid of? 
  • The dangers of being black in the US
  • The hope of the new generation 
  • What can the white community do to help? 
  • The fear of repercussions of fighting for change
  • The missing piece to the puzzle
  • The facade of gentrification
  • How gentrification affects both the black and immigrant communities
  • The double standards of white America
  • The power of being united
  • The opportunity for the entire world
  • The repercussions of COVID-19 on the society
  • The nuggets of positivity from COVID-19
  • The culture of always being on the go
  • The promise of change
  • Using the resources that you have to make a difference
  • Where Keziah sees herself in 5 years

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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Links From Today’s Episode: 

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