Ep. 3 Comedy, Creativity and Lady Gaga with Gus Constantellis

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Are you ready to laugh out loud and get very deep at the same time? Well then you are in for a treat because my guest on today’s show is the hilarious Gus Constantellis. He is a first-generation Greek-American LGBTQ+ stand-up comedian/writer born and raised in Brooklyn. Gus got his start in comedy when he won first place at a college talent show his first time ever trying standup. Now he regularly performs at Caroline’s on Broadway, Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, and all over the tri-state area and Los Angeles. His material deals heavily with his large immigrant family, his Greek heritage, raunchy yet relatable dating stories, and his unique perspective on growing up in Brooklyn. He is also a TV writer for several children’s show on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, including The Lion Guard, Rainbow Rangers, and Abby Hatcher. I’m so excited to talk to him about his life growing up in Brooklyn in a studio apartment, how he went from never doing stand up to winning a talent show with his rookie stand up act, how his comedy helped him come out as gay to his family and how to unblock your creativity.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Life during quarantine
  • How the idea of American/Immigrant mom came to be. 
  • Overcoming an eating disorder
  • Life as a queer man in LA vs in NY
  • Coming out as gay to his family
  • Growing up with an immigrant family in Brooklyn, NY
  • The experience of your family member becoming an American Citizen
  • Growing up bilingual
  • When Gus first knew he wanted to be a comedian
  • Winning the UVL NYU talent show with no prior experience
  • The experience of doing stand up in NYC full time
  • Getting a tv show writing job in LA
  • Gus’ hobbies and his love for 80’s slasher movies
  • The downfalls of dubbing movies and shows in different languages
  • Our mutual obsession with South America telenovelas
  • Favorite places to travel
  • Gus’ morning routine
  • Writing morning pages from the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron 
  • Where Gus sees himself in 5 years
  • Advice for someone who is struggling to find themselves and their life’s path
  • The myth of the American Dream

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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Links From Today’s Episode: 

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The Artist’s Way:


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The Lion Guard:


Rainbow Rangers:


Abby Hatcher:


Sos Mi Vida:



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