Bhavana is on the show today to discuss her transition, going from burnout in a successful career in the medical field to following her passion and becoming an entrepreneur, her advice for future entrepreneurs making a career switch, how to start a fashion line and why you shouldn’t ignore your passion.


Today’s episode happens to fall on my birthday :). I am starting my 34th year around the sun and decided to share my 4 biggest struggles as an entrepreneur. I also reflected on my entrepreneurial career and came up with a list of my 4 biggest struggles as an entrepreneur. I’m still fairly new to the game and struggle in some areas more than others. I wanted to share these, because I know I am not alone. I talked about knowing what type of content to create and not getting burnt out by it. Build my list by creating a lead magnet that will attract my ideal audience. I also talk about selling not feeling like a salesman but rather offering my products which can help others. I also discuss how you can manage your time in a way that’s productive.


As a TEDx speaker herself, Cynthia came on the show and shared her own journey of how she became a more assertive and confident speaker, where a good voice comes from, the relationship of
voice and breathing, the fastest way to engage your audience and much more. Cynthia has helped professionals from 46 countries across 6 continents to speak with a powerful voice. She has been a professional speaker and coach for the past 18 years and her engagement spans 5 continents in 18 countries. Naturally, she was the perfect guest for the Accented World Podcast.



Fueled by equal parts tea and passion, I spend my days working with multilingual entrepreneurs and bosses, helping them speak, coach and lead in English with confidence.

If that's you, I want you to speak authentically and without fear, so the world can really hear what you have to say. Your voice is part of your personal brand and how you make your first impression on others. Let me help you make sure you wow them from the beginning!

In my free time I love nothing more than to curl up with a good novel, wearing fuzzy socks, while sipping a cup of tea.

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