EP 66 The 5 Biggest Lessons I Learned During my Pregnancy with Lena Livinsky


As I am now in my 34th week of pregnancy (craziness!), I’ve been reflecting on some of the biggest and most surprising lessons I’ve learned thus far.

Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different and unique so these have been my experiences. I wanted to share them to see if anyone else has gone through something similar, or perhaps to help someone else reflect on their own pregnancy journey. It’s also fun to share these with you, even if you’re not a mom-to-be or a mom already, because some of these thoughts may surprise you or teach you something new.

I was completely clueless going into this pregnancy, and have treated every moment and lesson as a gift, expanding my mind, heart, and soul.

As I am nearing the resolution aka the birth, the big event, I am getting nervous, but nonetheless excited to meet my boy and step into the mom’s shoes, which I am ecstatic to fill.

What lessons have you learned in your pregnancy?

What are your thoughts on what I have learned so far?

The 5 biggest lessons I learned during my pregnancy:

1. It’s time to take it slow

2. You can choose what’s best for you and your baby

3. Self-care and sleep are extremely important

4. Let other people help you

5. Your mama bear intuition starts very early during pregnancy

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