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But thanks to her incredible community-building skills, she grew it to a whopping 3200 members. Now that’s impressive. When I first moved to the United States, I was desperate to find my community. To find a group of friends who would accept me for who I was and who I could spend time with. That’s something that a lot of immigrants struggle with, moving to a brand new country and leaving behind their family and friends. My guest on today’s show knows all about building communities of like-minded people. Julia Minkowski is a Fraud and Risk Management expert, innovator, startup advisor, community organizer, mentor, and speaker. That is a lot of hats that she wears, but trust me she’s amazing at wearing every single one of them.

Julia is the co-founder of the Russian Speaking Women in Tech Silicon Valley community that accounts for nearly 3,200 talented local women in technology. If you think about it her group is very specific, it’s for women, who speak Russian and work in tech.

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Not only is she an incredibly inspiring woman when it comes to her business achievements, she also moved alone to Israel at the age of 17 and rode 500 miles by bike in Thailand, Laos, and Canada. I mean, how brave is that?

On today’s show, Julia spoke about building communities and shared advice on how to build a community of like-minded individuals, how to live according to your cycle, the importance of sleep, and the lean startup methodology. Make sure to tune in to hear her incredible story!

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Moving to Israel by herself at the age of 17
  • Presenting her business plan to her parents
  • Building communities of like-minded people
  • Conducting mock interviews for community members
  • Having a group run by volunteers
  • Advice on how to start a community
  • The clean startup methodology
  • Living according to your cycle
  • The importance of sleep
  • Using concise communication

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