How to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

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How to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

Money comes, money goes. Money goes like water. Money doesn’t give you happiness. I grew up listening to this sort of messaging around money. Growing up we were never poor or rich. My parents used to stick to this negative reasoning around money, which has been passed on to them from their own parents. They all have lived in the scarcity mindset all of their lives. I have taken it upon myself to resolve these negative money blocks I have grown up with in order to create a positive relationship with money.

Here are 3 things I have used to help me attract more abundance into my life. 

Clearing Negative Subconscious Beliefs Around Money

I believe in the mind, body, and soul connection. In order to attract abundance into our lives, we need to clear any negative subconscious beliefs that we have picked up when we were kids. I’m talking about the negative messaging around money that you keep on telling yourself. For example, in my case I grew up hearing: “money comes, money goes” and I formed a belief that it’s true as a child. Pay attention to your own thoughts. What are you telling yourself? Is your messaging around money positive? Is it negative? You may not realize it right away and may need to go in a little deeper. You can do that with meditation, therapy, or reading books around the topic. Everyone has a different way of going within. Do what works for you. That internal journey that may uncover negative beliefs around a lot more than just money is the most important one you’ll take in your life.

Financial Education is one of the Keys to Abundance

I wish financial education was taught in schools. In fact, I think it’s an atrocity that it is not. We should be taught from a young age how to manage our money. If you have never learned about how to do that though, don’t worry. There are plenty of financial teachers, bloggers, and writers out there talking about the subject. You just need to find the ones you resonate with. I have to be honest, if someone’s financial teachings go in-depth around how to save on lattes, it is not my cup of tea. I do not like the penny-pinching mentality. I used to believe that’s the way to save up, but I don’t anymore. Now I believe in conscious spending, investing, and automating your money. But to each their own. No matter which teacher you chose to follow, learning about managing your money and about finances is one of the smartest things you can do to attract more abundance into your life. 

Investing Your Money Wisely

Money investing is the last thing that I wanted to discuss here. It kind of ties into your financial education, because in order to invest smartly, you should learn how to do it first. But investing your money is by far one of the best things you can do for yourself. Even if you don’t see an immediate return that’s fine. Down the line when you’re older, you will see a growth that you wouldn’t see if you have just let your money snooze in your savings account. Of course, there is no guarantee for anything especially in today’s economy, but if you invest your money smartly the returns can be incredible. Investing even small amounts of money especially in the beginning can yield large returns down the line. 

I wish I had learned about how to manage my money smartly when I was younger. I think it would have helped me with the negative messaging around finances that I have picked up from my family, religion, and society. Money gives you the freedom to do what you want to do and be who you want to be. It doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire in order to be happy. That’s not what I’m trying to say. I just think that having enough to support you and your family, where you can go on trips, not worry about paying off your bills, buy the things you’d like to have, and still have enough to save up and give to those in need is, something I strive for in life. 


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