Ep. 19 Leaving a Successful Career to Embrace Who You Are with Fadia Abdouni

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My guest on the show today is Fadia Abdouni. She’s a first-generation Brazilian, and a daughter to Lebanese immigrants. After finishing dental school training in Brazil, she moved to the US to specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

She decided on her career pretty early in life but never imagined it wouldn’t be a career she retired with. After 12 years of work as an oral surgeon, Fadia felt like the work she was doing wasn’t aligned with her soul. She then made a very scary but liberating decision to become a professional coach, an energy worker, and a meditation teacher. She has always known she was extremely gifted in energy work, but she never dared to pursue this rather unusual career when she was younger.


Luckily she listened to her true calling and could not be happier about the changes she has made. Her story is incredibly inspiring, especially to those who know that the career they have chosen no longer aligns with them, but are afraid to take the scary first step to bring the necessary change. Well don’t worry, Fadia will be your inspiration.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Fadia’s career as an oral surgeon
  • Embracing who you are
  • Leaving your career behind
  • Pursuit of self-exploration
  • The study of energy
  • Aligning energetically with your profession
  • Not needing external validation
  • What makes your soul think?

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