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Chido-Cool or Jose David Huerta Beltran, is a Warsaw expat born in Mexico City. He’s been living in Poland for over 6 years. He’s the creator of one of the most popular blogs / vlogs about Poland run by expats called "Chido Fajny”, with content in English, Spanish and Polish.

 David writes articles, records videos, and interviews - mainly about Poland "through the eyes of a Mexican”. He covers Poland’s traditions, culture, history, and legends. He has appeared in television and radio programs, both in Polish and English many times, and has co-created with many institutions and companies.

On today's show, David discusses his move from Mexico, his advice for someone who wants to relocate to a different country, his experiences living in Poland, and his life as a blogger. Tune in now to listen to our chat!


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • David's life in Mexico
  • Why he decided to live in Poland
  • How his family reacted yo his sudden move
  • How David felt during the first few months living in Poland
  • How the blog Chido Fajny came to be
  • Interesting Polish traditions
  • How to come out of your comfort zone when you are in a different country
  • Why getting your master's is the best investment
  • David's favorite places in Poland

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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