Ep. 7 Pushing Boundaries with Hip Hop with Polsky Bukowsky

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Polsky Bukowsky was born in the 80s and raised in the 90s.  He’s a half Polack and half Slovak rapper, wannabe activist, and a cool dude. Throughout his life, Polsky has always been fascinated by music. It speaks to him through different artists. He grew up listening to a variety of genres. From Michael Jackson and Queen to Hip Hop legends like Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Polsky developed his own taste in music very early in life. Once he discovered hip hop. there was no turning back. He started recording his own tracks in high school. Despite a successful career in Poland, he always knew he wanted to record in the US. After moving to New York, Polsky decided to follow his dreams. He chose to leave his comfort zone and start rapping in English. He wouldn’t let the fear of having an accent or not growing up in the US stop him from his life’s calling.

Polsky’s mission is to be the voice of immigrants around the world, inspire them to follow their dreams, and overcome adversities as he did.

On today’s show, we discuss the evolution of hip hop over the years, inspiring people to follow their passion despite having an accent or other adversities, the message behind Polsky’s music, and the censorship in the media. Tune in now to get seriously inspired. Don’t forget to subscribe and review the podcast while you’re at it!


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Polsky’s Childhood Memories
  • Why did he move to the US
  • How country’s economies change over the years 
  • How did he fall in love with hip hop
  • The evolution of hip hop over the years
  • Polsky as a new type of artist, a rapper with an accent
  • Advice for someone who is a musician but is holding back because of their accent
  • Polsky’s career evolution
  • How Polsky switched to rapping in English
  • Polsky’s musical influences
  • The messaging behind his music
  • The censorship in the media
  • Where Polsky hopes to find himself in 5 years
  • What kind of superpower would he like to have
  • His hope of inspiring the immigrant community to follow their true passions 

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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