Ep. 49 How to Simplify Your Life and Business with Mostafa Hosseini


Mostafa Hosseini is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach and founder of Persyo Inc and Creator of:

• Simple Marketing Formula 

• Viral Coefficient Formula

• Simple Time Management Formula

Mostafa has been coaching and consulting for the past 10 years, helping businesses in various niches and industries grow and scale and become more profitable. 

His burning desire is to have Harmony in life. 

Mostafa Specializes in helping coaches, consultants and experts create & implement their 1-Page Marketing Plan in 7 days or Less. On today’s show, he goes into detail about the 1 page marketing plan, what it entails and how to implement it, discusses the 80/20 principle, why 20 percent of your business can drive the most results, his negative experiences when he first moved to Canada and didn’t yet speak English and how to prioritize your to do list. Without further ado, here’s Mostafa. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Growing up in Iran, moving to Canada not knowing any English 

Negative experience while not speaking English 

Pushing simplification

The 80/20 principle

Focus on 20 percent that produces the results

Competition is for losers 

How to simplify your time management 

To do list prioritized 

6 steps of a good marketing plan:

1 what do you want 

2 who do you serve 

3 your offer 

4 lead generation 

5 lead conversion 

6 client retention 

Burning desire to have harmony in life 

Failure, not in vocabulary, learning points

Why alternate between business and fiction books

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Mostafa’s Book Recommendations:

The One Thing by Gary Keller: https://amzn.to/3uGuQRr

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