3 Powerful Ways you Can Pivot in Your Life

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3 Powerful Ways you Can Pivot in Your Life

I want to talk to you about pivoting. Pivoting seems to be the word of 2020. How many things did you have to change and adapt to this year alone? How many things are different in your environment? There are so many ways you had to re-think your life, whether it was your job, your home, or your family. Or like me this morning, maybe you had to clean your basement after it got flooded yet again. Oh, wait! That was me?

To say 2020 was challenging is a total understatement for many. But I wanted to give you a shout-out because you did it! You adapted to the changing times like a champ. Although all that pivoting was brave and amazing, there is still more you can do if you feel like something is still missing. You can totally reinvent yourself.

Here are 3 powerful ways you can pivot in your life if something feels out of alignment.


Are you constantly stressed out or rushing? Are your relationships with your loved ones unsatisfying? Do you feel burned out or sick? Do you have a chronic illness? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions or any questions that are related to them, your mind, body, and soul connection may be off-balance. To pivot, and get out of this negative cycle, look within. Following your intuition will be the key and the best thing you could do for yourself.

For example, I have struggled with losing weight for the past 2.5 years. It didn’t matter that I worked out intensely in Orange Theory for 8 months or ate a healthy bean protocol diet; I couldn’t lose weight. My intuition told me it was gluten-related, but I didn’t want to listen, especially since my blood tests came back negative for a gluten allergy. Eventually, I gave in and lost 5 pounds in a week by giving up gluten. It was incredibly eye-opening for me. It’s so important we listen to our gut. If you feel like there is a problem you have, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual, look for a solution. Don’t ignore it. We need our mind, body, and soul to be in harmony to be healthy and thrive.


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck at your current job? Did you go to school just to later figure out, you really hate the career path you chose? Or are you stressed out at work and need a glass of wine as soon as you get home? Well, perhaps it’s time to change your career. It may seem like it’s an impossible task in the current economy, but I’m here to tell you, nothing is impossible. Revisit your resume, spruce it up to give yourself a head start. Of course, having connections is essential, but it’s not totally necessary. Put out your best foot forward and don’t give up. Even if you don’t hear back from the first 30 places you apply to, who’s to say that you won’t hear back from number 31.

Furthermore, if that little voice in the back of your head has told you to start your own business, now is the perfect time to do so. The world is mostly moving online, as are many companies. Having an online business can be ultimately life-changing. Maybe you are an expert in knitting and can teach others how to knit. Or perhaps you started your own business and can teach others how to do it. The possibilities are endless, and it’s never too late to pivot your career. I love the example of Louise Hay, who founded Hay House, a powerhouse publishing company, at 58! It is never too late to pivot in your career, no matter how absurd that may initially feel.


Have you ever felt like the place where you live is not where you want to be for the rest of your life? Or do you need a break and want to live abroad for a while? I hear you, and I see you. I am in the same boat. I live in New York and have called this place home for most of my adult life. But I was born in Poland and lived in Spain for a year. I can’t really explain how, but I have this gut feeling that I don’t belong in New York. Whenever I travel back to Poland or another favorite European country, I have this feeling that I am home. The culture there is different, and the lifestyle fits my needs. I want to work to live, not live to work, which seems like the main idea here in New York. Maybe it’s just how I feel, but I bet others also have this gut feeling that they don’t belong where they currently are. If it’s you, unfortunately, that feeling probably won’t go away. It’s our intuition again. It’s our soul calling out to us, trying to nudge us in the right direction. It’s up to you whether you listen.

Pivoting can be scary, but you need to remember you are resilient and capable of persevering, no matter what life throws our way. Listen to your intuition to find your life’s path. Listen to your gut, and it will nudge you in the right direction. Balance your mind, body, and soul connection to live a happy and healthy life. Change your career if it stresses you out, or you’re no longer passionate about it. Move to a place that gives you joy, if where you live now doesn’t feel like a good fit anymore.

No matter how small or how big of a change you can pull off right now, it can vastly improve your life. If there is a voice in your head telling you now is not the right time or that you can’t make any changes, just know that you are worth it and deserving of living your best life. Take life by its horns and be the best version of yourself now. There is no need to wait for the next year. Life doesn’t always go as planned.


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