Ep. 6 Learning to Live with Guidance and Trusting Your Intuition with Violetta Pleshakova

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Violetta Pleshakova is a paradigm shifter, leadership coach, spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker and writer. Her work focuses on helping rising leaders unlock their true essence and find the courage to live it fully. 

Violetta holds a PhD in cultural studies and has been leading personal development programs on three continents, with participants from over 30 countries, for nearly a decade. In her, an academic’s mind is matched by a mystic’s spirit.

Violetta offers 1:1 sessions and group courses via her platform Temple of Starfire, the space where ancient wisdom meets modern magic. She is also the co-founder of The Firepower Group, a company dedicated to creating courageous conscious leaders. 

As a true citizen of the world, Violetta divides her time between Berlin, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Moscow and Southern France.

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In today’s episode, we will dive deeply into what it means to live your life with guidance, finding the delicate balance of fitting into the world without losing yourself in it, the misconception about the intuitive work industry and why it’s important to rewire our human selves. Violetta’s teachings are so powerful and I hope that you will learn from them as much as I did and start looking to your soul’s guidance for living your best life. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Becoming a world citizen
  • The difficult question of where you’re from when so many places impact you
  • Everything we say after I am defines who we are
  • How every place we’ve visited adds to the rainbow that constitutes our character
  • The difficulties of finding your place as a light worker
  • The way to find your place in this world 
  • The importance of following your calling
  • Violetta’s intuitive gift
  • On finding the delicate balance of fitting into the world without losing yourself in it 
  • Understanding who you are
  • What is human design? 
  • The importance of connecting with your intuitive reader to get an accurate chart reading
  • Following guidance and what that means for a non-linear life
  • What does it mean to live with guidance?
  • The misconception about the intuitive work industry
  • Finding deeper messaging around us
  • The energy of Mary Magdalene’s Consciousness
  • How to get started when you’ve just realized the power of your intuition
  • It’s up to us to follow our true path
  • We need to do the work to rewire our human self, not just receive the messaging
  • The importance of following the red thread

All the Goodies From This Episode: 

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