Ep. 14 Healing Your Life Through Acupuncture & Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You with Dr. Debbie Kung

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Dr. Debbie Kung is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist & herbalist in New York  and Texas. 

Dr. Kung practices traditional Chinese Medicine modalities such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, Gua Sha, cupping, and auricular acupuncture. She specializes in stress management, cosmetic facial rejuvenation, pain management, Lyme disease, fertility issues, IVF support, Bell?s Palsy, esoteric acupuncture, sports medicine Acupuncture, and the Battlefield/ NADA protocol.

I’m so excited for you to listen in on today’s podcast, Dr. Kung’s story is so incredibly inspiring and her knowledge of acupuncture and other eastern healing modalities is so illuminating. On the show, we dive into why Debbie decided to abandon a very successful career in fashion and become an acupuncturist, how acupuncture has completely changed her life and how she uses her own experiences and healing gift to help her own patients, Debbie’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, and a behavioral habit which improved her life. Tune in now to hear Dr. Kung’s interview. 


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Debbie’s life growing up as a first-generation immigrant in southern Virginia
  • The Middle Child syndrome 
  • Why Debbie pursued a career in medicine after having a successful career in fashion
  • How her first acupuncture session changed her life 
  • Moving to Austin, Texas and studying acupuncture
  • Opening her practice while studying at night  
  • Debbie’s cancer diagnosis 
  • Her experience with the US health care system while battling cancer
  • Debbie’s recovery and moving to Taiwan 
  • Moving back to NYC 
  • What is acupuncture – definition, and explanation 
  • Western medicine/ process of healing and acupuncture
  • Chinese medicine (Chinese medicine vs. western medicine)
  •  How acupressure works
  • Jade rollers 
  • What behavioral habit improved her life 
  • Favorite destination (Estonia, Portugal) 
  • Spirit animal (Wolf)

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