11 Things to Know About Me!

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    I’m originally from Poland but have been living in the US since 2002. Oh, except for that one year I lived in Madrid, Spain between college and grad school. May I say, it was quite the adventure and I came back home engaged to my now hubby, Dominik!

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    When I first moved to New York, I didn’t speak much English and had a huge accent. It turned out I had a gift for learning new languages, so I learned to speak fluent English in 6 months. I also changed my accent in about 2 years. I didn’t even realize I did that until I went to college and took linguistics! Thanks to my accent though, I won the cutest accent poll in high school and I carry that badge with honor.

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    I am a speech-language pathologist by trade. I’ve worked with children and adults with various communication, feeding and swallowing problems since 2014. I’m very passionate about feeding, and love working with patients who refuse to eat or need diet changes to eat safely. My ultimate favorite moment in therapy is when a patient of mine no longer needs a feeding tube and can eat all of their food by mouth. It’s just the most beautiful moment!

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    Working with English learners is also a big passion of mine. I hold a very special place in my heart for people who are new language learners since I used to be one myself. It’s so devastating when people’s accents are so strong that they stand in their way of following their dreams. I feel you, and I am here to help. I have personal experience and professional training, so I can assist you in changing your accent to help you speak English with clarity and confidence. 

    I currently offer 1:1 accent coaching. Contact me today for a free 15 min consultation!

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    I’m a world citizen by choice. Having visited many incredible countries on 5 different continents, I’ve fallen in love with the diversity and the many wonderful cultures of the world. Some of my favorite places I’ve been to include: Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Greece and Chile.

    PS: I am scared of flying, but if I can get over that fear to let me travel the world, so can you!

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    I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet since 2017 because I believe in disease and aging prevention through healthy eating. I recently added eggs and some meat back into my diet because I started to follow the bean protocol to try and heal my hormonal issues and psoriasis. I’ve been seeing dramatic improvements in my hormones (normal periods anyone?), since I started in March 2020. I’m so excited to see how my body continues to heal thanks to the incredible and low-key beans!

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    Since discovering holistic healing and the mind, body and soul connection, I’ve been working non-stop to heal my negative beliefs, dissolve blocks and increase my worth. To think that just a few years back, I was so miserable, angry and sad without knowing the reason why. Through EMDR therapy, hypnosis, meditation, reading and listening to podcasts, my life took a complete 180 degree turn for the better. I can’t even recognize the self-conscious and impulsive binge eater I used to be. Everyone’s healing journey is different, but you will never learn what works for you until you begin.

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    I started my blog because I felt a strong, intuitive calling to write and share my story. I’ve always dreamed of being a journalist and a writer so my blog made part of that dream come true. Plus I get to share some tools that I used to heal and talk about my life experiences? Check and check! Send me a message if you're enjoying the blog. I’d love to hear from you and connect!

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    I'm the host(ess) of the Accented World podcast. I started the podcast because I want to shine a positive light on immigration. It’s been given such a negative rep in the media lately, and that breaks my heart. On the show,  I interview people who immigrated, who were born to immigrant families, or are world citizens. People who’ve become successful and/or followed their dreams. I want to inspire those who are struggling to find their path or do not feel like they fit in. I feel you! I’ve been there myself.

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    I’ve been married to Dominik since 2012. I can’t even believe it’s been that long! We are dog parents to the cutest rescue pup named Luna. In my spare time, I love to take walks and go hiking with my family. Both Luna and I totally thrive in nature. I try to live my life and work according to the moon cycles. 

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    I also love to read, spend time with animals, watch good TV and plan trips and events. I’m quite the planner, let me tell ya. I’m the brains behind all of our trips, itineraries and family surprise parties. You can find me sipping on tea and curled up under a blanket all year long because I’m always cold.


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