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Fueled by equal parts tea and passion, I spend my days working with multilingual entrepreneurs helping them speak, coach and sell in English with confidence. If that's you, I want you to show up as your authentic self, so the world can really hear what you have to say. Your story is incredible and I can't wait to help you share it. 

In my free time I love nothing more than to curl up with a good novel, wearing fuzzy socks on my feet while sipping a cup of tea.

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hi there!

I’m Lena Livinský


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james l.

One of my favourite podcasts to listen to. Lena strikes an amazing inspirational tone. This one hits home for me as my parents are immigrants and they had a challenging time running and Entrepreneurial business with their ESL skills. Bravo to Lena.

Amazing depth and knowledge

angelica a.

Thank you so much Lena for sharing this powerful message with the world! It takes a lot of courage to leave our birth country to become the person we want to be. Your podcast is the support every immigrant needs to hear. It is empowering, real and raw.

Amazing mission!

aleksandra b.

As an immigrant myself, I love that I have finally found a podcast highlighting stuggles and successes of immigrants all over the world. It is encouraging and uplifiting to hear stories from different walks of life. The host seems very genuine, curious and brillant. I recommend it very much!

A beautiful, vibrant voice for immigrant community

colette a.

Not only do I love this girl, but I am also such an admirer of the woman that she is and how she has chosen to show up in this world, via her podcast. Lena’s discussions are thoughtful, insightful, and bring a sense of hope and positive possibilities.

Positive Vibes!!

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On today’s show, Jennifer and I chat about creating your personal brand, finding your niche, pivoting your business during the recession, having an international team and how that shapes your perspective, family-oriented work culture and so much more. How she graduated from school during the recession, staying in the US on an artist visa, how she started her own business, why letting go of should and could haves was the turning point in the business, pivoting your business with another recession looming, and creating your personal brand and find your niche.

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On the show, I discussed why being multilingual improves your communication skills, which is key in being a good entrepreneur, how multilingualism and multiculturalism can help you create a more inclusive business, the neurological benefits of speaking more than one language, how being multilingual help you develop great management skills and the unlimited collaborative and networking opportunities that come along with being multilingual. Tune in to the episode to learn more!

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On today’s show, Angelica shares her opinions on the best and worst part about living abroad, her experience with learning English while living in various English speaking countries, her initial reaction to receiving her cancer diagnosis, what exact changes she implemented to heal herself, how she addressed her inner child trauma and actionable steps someone can take too get healthy.

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On today’s show, Neelu joined Lena in conversation about the differences between American and Indian culture, balancing working at home with your home life, the concept of fit for purpose, how to have self discipline and set boundaries, neurolinguistic programming and how to communicate to meet people where they are techniques to improve your communication via nlp and much more.

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On today’s show, Lena shares how to become more authentic in an English-speaking Environment and why being authentic in a foreign language is difficult. She talks about the 3 ways to find your authentic voice in English which are loosen up by practicing English in not controlled environments such as at work, in meetings, immersing yourself in American pop culture and how to do it right, and putting yourself out there, pushing the envelope, and coming out of your comfort zone.

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On today’s show, Lena shares her 5 tips to improve your English fluency. She talks about the importance of immersing yourself in an English rich environment and how to do it even if you don’t live in an English speaking country, why practicing your skills and taking risks is so important to your success and the different elements of English which you need to know and understand in order to become a fluent speaker.




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Improving your accent doesn't have to take forever. Don't feel defeated when people ask you to repeat yourself or they misunderstand you. Learn how speak with more clarity today!

How to Speak English with Clarity and Confidence?

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