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How to Confidently Run Your Business in English Without the Fear of Being Judged

Secret #1: how to turn your thoughts around so you can speak English with confidence in your business and in your everyday life 

But, there is something holding you back...

Maybe you don't feel like your English is good enough to scale your business.

Maybe you've been concerned that you won't succeed because you're not a native speaker of English.

Or maybe, you're afraid that your audience or clients will judge you or won't hire you because of your accent. 

I'm here to tell you that I feel your pain. I've been there myself.
In fact, my deep fears of being judged for how I sounded held me back from pursuing my dreams for over a decade.
I don't want that to happen to you! 

That's why I created this free class to help you run your business confidently, without the fear of being judged for your English!

Let’s be real: Your English is already great. It’s gotten you this far.
You’re planning to start your own business or you already have (entrepreneur to entrepreneur, that’s amazing)! 

here's what you'll learn:

Secret #2: how to get past the fear of being judged for your accent 

Secret #3: the single most effective strategy to instantly improve your pronunciation and fluency when speaking English 








This class completely opened my eyes to my insecurities and helped transform my business!
you don't want to miss this [FREE] training!

-Jessica K.

you've ever felt held back in your life and/or business by your fear of not speaking "perfect" English  

you've ever felt nervous about speaking English around native speakers

you've been concerned that you won't succeed in business because you're not a native speaker  

you've felt like your English isn't good enough to scale your business


This class


Will it be live?

Absolutely! We'll save time for Q&A at the end of the class.  

Will you answer questions? 

About an hour!

How long will the class last?

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Yes, but not until 2022

will it be offered again?

Register for one of the first 2 sessions and you will get a limited time replay in your inbox the next morning!

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It's totally free!

is this class free?

I moved to the US from Poland when I was just 15 years old, so I know firsthand what it feels like to not be able to speak your mother tongue in a new country. I worked hard to feel confident in every conversation with my American friends today. 

But I still remember how vulnerable and different I felt whenever I spoke English back then. When someone misunderstood me, asked me to repeat myself, or made fun of the way I pronounced something, I felt deeply ashamed. 

Have you felt the same way, maybe even right now?

Here’s what we have in common: we both know we are stronger than our fears, and letting the way we speak hold us back isn’t fair to our ideas and ambitions!

With a Master’s in speech-language pathology and 10 years of experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of accented people just like you - and today, I help multilingual entrepreneurs speak, sell and coach in English with confidence. 

Hey, I’m Lena- an accent coach, total introvert, dog mama to the sweetest rescue pup Luna and a serious fuzzy sock addict.


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