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Episode 38

Connie Chi is an American entrepreneur, publicist, expert in media communications, and founder of The Chi Group, award-winning public relations and brand management agency working with inspirational talents and personalities.

She speaks globally about public relations, brand management, entrepreneurship, and is known for her TEDx Talk titled, “Lonely AF: Lonely About Failure.” Chi has written 2 books titled, Branding Without A Brand, teaching you how to take your brand from zero to hero and “Overachieving AF: Overachieving Failure and The Lessons It Teaches.”

Connie has a very fresh perspective on how to use Instagram to help change the world rather than create more FOMO and the feeling of loneliness.


On today’s show, Connie also discusses failure, how it can be lonely but also our best teacher in life, how to recover from failure, the courage to dream big, how to reverse engineer Instagram, how to make it work for you, how to find press opportunities on Instagram, and the e-mail formula that has been 98% successful in creating collaboration and sponsorship opportunities with brands, no matter your following count.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Connie’s royal upbringing
  • Running a PR Agency
  • Learning lessons from failure
  • Connie’s encounter with Richard Branson
  • How to recover from failure?
  • Dreaming big at 150%
  • Why can’t you put a price on knowledge?
  • How to reverse engineer Instagram, how to make it work for you?
  • How to find press opportunities on Instagram?
  • Brand awareness
  • How to contact a brand?
  • The e-mail formula to contact any brand
  • How to ensure you get a response to your e-mail

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